13 Best Video Interview Platforms in 2023 for Faster Hires

After COVID hit everyone businesses started using remote work and remote interviewing. Below is a list of top video interviewing tools for remote hiring. In the last year video interviewing has become an increasingly popular method for recruiters. It’s an easy and fast interview process. Particularly in contexts involving social distancing, remote hiring has become extremely popular. Recruitment software is now becoming a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) and online video interviewer software.

What is a video interview?

Video interviews are also used to conduct interviews. The interview methods employed by candidates using the same software are the same. In an instantaneous manner intervieweers and interviewees attend interviews with an interviewing tool using an online chat app without face-to-face interactions or time zones.

Asynchronous/One-way video interview

However, during a synchronous interview the candidate receives the package of questions from employers, and must take note of the answers. When he recorded the answers he sent it back to his employers. Using this system, only candidates attend interviews. This is also called the interview in one direction.

Synchronous/ Two ways video interview

The synchronous interview takes place online and allows interviewees and interviewers to communicate in real-time. This method is also called a two-way video interview and the alternate option to a person interview.

Best Video Interviewing Software Solutions


Make video interviews faster and more efficient with e-learning and social media technologies. Talview provides an easy and efficient hiring and interviewing process that reduces the time it takes to conduct a lengthy interview. It aims to reduce time devoted to interview and re-selecting candidates. The online video interviews are also used to assess the fit of the body during the first round of interviews to reduce hiring time and increase confidence. Talview is an online interview using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The machine learning technology is intended for analysing tone, assessing emotions and psycholinguistic analysis. Talview helps users engage with candidates and offers an excellent first impression.

My Interview

My interview slogan is “ Meet people rather than resumes. Interview intelligence employs specially developed machine learning algorithms for the personal selection of candidates. It uses a diverse database that scans the video recordings to identify those which match the profile perfectly. Automatic tools are used to collect information on interviews and identify the suitable candidates that meet the job description. It has powerful features and biasless evaluations that analyze personality traits in the video. It helps employees to be more responsive and to exchange information about their hiring decisions.


Compare screening, interview, qualification and hiring is simple with Breezy. The software helps employees find the most suitable candidates quickly and easily. Breezy provides email communication, manages and access to candidates information while providing a unified platform for communications. The recruitment group has the ability to drag and drop pipelines for candidate tracking and customize stages for making informed choices. It enables you to collect information from resume and social profiles of candidates. This feature has included: Breezy provides quick access to emails & SMS mailed to candidates.


Avature provides an intuitive interface and global coverage to all involved. It provides online, video interviews and on-demand interviews for businesses and can save time by providing candidates with job offers and reducing costs. Recruiters and candidates can visit a mobile-optimized, customized portal through a customized mobile app. The video interview software provides a platform that allows employers and candidates to view video interviews for candidates to make better decision-making. Users are able to view videos and audio recordings, texts based responses, and candidates’ personal profiles.


It helps to increase uniformity in hiring quality candidates and increases screening speed. Jobvite is easily incorporated into existing applications allowing easy recruitment and seamless experiences for candidates. Users can choose candidates and collaborate with hiring personnel for a more personalized approach. Jobvite offers an easy-to-use and fast screening procedure that allows the candidate to record answers to timed questions. Employees may make unbiased and impartial choices and screen fairly without bias, giving all the opportunity.


Recruitflix has greatly simplified the screening process for candidates, employers, and organizations. This system helps managers reduce the time spent on hiring and helps recruiters. Hireflix is an easy to use software to perform a live interview. The software allows you to interview multiple candidates simultaneously using recordings. A potential applicant is less likely to have to schedule telephone interviews. The candidate can record his or her answers in a database which can be reviewed and evaluated by a hiring team.


Get pipelines moving with Workable from a remote site with accelerated speed. The Video Interviewing Tool provides one-way interviewing tools for employees that allow the recording of responses from candidates and analyze the results as needed. Workable provides flexible processes to simplify the hiring process. It gives the employees easy collaboration and feedback and makes decisions. Video interviews are available online and can be recorded in almost any time frame.

Spark Hire

With over 6,000 companies using it, Spark Hire has become a popular interview platform. This can be useful when hiring candidates, and enables quick results for those candidates. Sparkhire is a powerful software application for preparing and analyzing interviews. The tool aims to learn more about a candidate without meeting them directly. This is a reliable tool to assist employers in discovering qualified talent among candidates, helping to make hiring smooth.


VidCruiter is an interview software application that allows job hunters to recruit more qualified candidates. In this manner hiring managers can find the best candidates at affordable rates in a simple process. VidCruiter offers an easy-to-use interview system without wasting time on old and outdated interview methods. The software provides live and recorded audio interview capabilities. It makes a simple hiring process easier and faster for candidates.


EasyHire Me is an intelligent hiring platform that provides customised job listings and applicant tracking. This interactive interview tool offers a comprehensive database of questions that will allow for a streamlined interview process with the ability to track and analyze the information. EasyHire.me analyzes emotions with AI/ML emotion recognition that speeds up recruiting. It lets users measure hiring success and compare candidates.


To talk with the best candidate, the employee could use a screening video that requires fewer hours. Willo will be an effective way to increase the efficiency of the hiring tool as it makes the process easy. Software for screening candidates helps accelerate hiring. Willow gives interviewers the chance to make interview questions available on a website. The user could quickly shortlist the candidate using the answer.


How do I choose the best video interview software?

Our team have teamed up with Crozdesk.com and the software comparator software to assist you to find the most suitable solution to your requirements. Crozdesk video interviews software experts can help you identify software solutions that meet your specific business needs. Through this partnership you will be provided with free information on software selections and a personalised solution to prevent time and expense. You can make an application in just one minute for the services.

Can HireVue detect cheating?

Hirevue provides an e-learning coding assessment and interviewing tool that helps candidates validate their coding skills and helps deter and detect cheating.

How do you make a good video interview?

How do video interviews work in a job search? Prepare yourself for your own personal conversation. … Looks Impressive. … Try it. … Put the shots together. …. Please do not stay too close. … Preparation to ensure perfect eye contact. … Look for glares. ‘ Make sure the interviewer knows what to expect.

Is video interviewing effective?

Video interviews work really well as this can help you get the best people in your industry. The recruitment process must take both the candidate and the employer in a clear manner to ensure a smooth and successful outcome. Video interviews will provide valuable insight for both parties. Better job search. Improvement in working relationships among staffing agencies. Improved employment experience for candidates. Expand… What is going on here?

Can I do a video interview on my phone?

You can record a video interview from a Smartphone and tablet using whichever device meets these requirements: Frontfacing camera and microphone. Apple iphone or iPad app version 11.0+. Android tablet app version 5.0+.

What companies use video interviewing?

Top 10 Video Interviewing Sites:

What are automated video interviews?

How do automated interviews work? Automatic interviews are made up of questions that can be answered using the recorded recording- whenever you need it!

What questions are asked in automated video interview?

Tell me the answer to a typical video interview. Is it possible to apply for this job? Tell me the most current information on this company? … Tell me what my strength is? … How does one see themselves after five years? … How do I make my job comfortable? ” ” Give me the job ethic. … Tell em about yours? What is it like being a candidate for this job? What is the background of this firm? … How can I improve my skills? … Tell us your vision for the future? … What is the optimal workplace setting? … Give an overview of the working culture you are working towards. … Give me a brief description of yourself.

How long does a video interview take?

Interviewing managers may choose a video-based interview over a telephone-based interview if you live somewhere else than where you live. The typical time for a video interview is between 15 min and 1 hour depending where the interview takes place.

How do I practice an online interview?

Here’s some advice for success in life! Take a test drive on my computer. … Find the perfect lighting source. … Ignore simulated background. … Eliminate distractions. ‘ ” Log in for testing. = = = = = = Get dressed professionally. … Please relax. . Watch the interview.

Where is the best place to do an online interview?

Choose a quiet place set on a clean white background – either blank walls or rooms without too much distractions and decorations. Keep your lights out (natural light is best) behind your computer and not behind your phone.

What equipment do you need for a virtual interview?

Virtual interview involves cameras and microphones at your computer, software programs, and Internet connection. A few days before a virtual interview you must make sure everything you have worked on is working well and is effective communication. Improved employment processes and efficiency in recruitment. Increased collaboration between hiring teams. Enhances employment application experiences. Extreme. Continued.