14 Best Virtual Team Communication Tools (Pros, Cons & Pricing)

Do people always talk to one another at work? Maybe you had meetings where nobody appeared helpful? Communication is essential for success. It’s vital that people understand the importance of communicating effectively with colleagues. In the age of online collaboration, communication becomes essential within an organization. This list of 14 virtual team communication software can improve communication between teams.

Why use Virtual Team Software?

Typically distributed teams have members who can be joined by technology. Tool use is crucial for a member to complete a task or a project. Digital communications and virtual teams tools have evolved since phones and fax machines were developed and are becoming more specific. Although most positive things about them may seem surprisingly overwhelming, finding the best tool to use. What should be done? Which ones should be avoided? Although a few of the benefits of virtual team-management software may seem obvious, it’ll be worth improving at least three areas once it becomes fully implemented.

Key considerations when purchasing remote work software

What is a good question for anyone looking at remote work applications is your use case and why? You will not be able to work with others unless they are working in the office. A simple free application that supports content creation and communication between client and server is the best option for the scenario. But to remain productive you have to be careful about what time it’s taking you. Apps like Clockify can be helpful in keeping your progress in check. Communication tools will not get much use as it is easy to get a free account.

Collaboration tools for virtual teams

This tool can replace the outdated white board in your office when distance is the norm. There are three different platforms that offer you collaborating with each other on digital projects simultaneously. Tell me the problem? During remote situations, a detailed view of the workspace and team is essential. Canvas Planner helps. This software provides an accessible and intuitive environment that stretches beyond Kanbans whiteboards and Kanbans. Designed to meet the needs of users, this app can be used to create teams of individuals to “visualize and collaborate“. This tool is very effective at keeping your work organized and easily accessible to everyone.


The Stormboard online whiteboard provides unified communication and collaboration tools, allowing teams to share their workspace online. Storm boards provide easy to use tools to help manage documents. You could encourage other people to be a part of this project as well. Everything occurs in the same place.


Avomas is viewed as meeting intelligence software. What Avoma does is record, transcribe and recap your sessions. It also allows for more collaborative meetings!


UShare can mainly be described as combining Zoom & Slack. The company’s website provides a collaborative platform where people can communicate in groups via video conference or chat. UShare provides one-stop services and solutions for a client, partner or organization. Among its major features is integrated ushare. Price. iShare provides an individual, free plan that includes 5g of storage, 3 shared workspaces, and 90 shared audio/video minutes. For small or large companies (maximum of 7 people), the monthly subscription costs $6/user. The system has 20 GB shared audio/video meetings, a maximum of unlimited workspace and administrative controls.


ZIPboard is an interactive tool that helps you monitor and track your team’s content. If a video has an Internet page it allows the annotation of the entire content. Key Features. The tools allow the management of tasks in a single dashboard in the Cloud, and allows review of content. Prices. Like most visual feedback management programs zip Board provides unlimited collaborators for every plan. Unlimited projects and additional features can be purchased from the free plan starting at $33.9/month.

Document Storage and File Sharing Apps

All of us have heard of Google’s suite of tools, and it appears to be redundant to have them in place and repurpose them into less popular virtual applications. Maybe your search includes security features or industry-specialized functions. These are very good programs that allow you to store important documents in the office and share data amongst the colleagues of a group. Tell me the problem? Box allows for secure collaboration with everyone anywhere. Seamlessly collaborate with virtual teams with an easy automation workflow with high-grade security clouds. Features of these tools: User friendly interface integrating Zoom – Skype – Office 365 –

Google Drive

Google Drive provides Google users with online storage of their documents. It’s a cloud-based data storage system allowing the storage and sharing of data. The files in the Google Drive web browser are accessible from any device with access to them.

Microsoft Teams

Teams is an online communications application which has replaced Skype for the video call system by Microsoft. Team offers a wide range of functions to help your employees have a deeper conversation and make a more efficient team. What are the best attributes of the team? The Team allows for video calls allowing you to share project requirements with your virtual team without interrupting the process of meeting itself. 2. Integrations. Microsoft Teams integrates many tools to make your team incredibly flexible, including:

Does Teams have a virtual whiteboard?

Integration for Microsoft Teams meeting using Whiteboard. The Whiteboard web app allows teams meeting participants to draw sketches on the same digital canvas as each other. Users can share an interactive blackboard with everyone at Team Meetings.


Slack offers many integration options with third-party applications in an easy-to-use interface. Slack is a flexible, cloud-based communication solution that allows remote employees to communicate more effectively and intuitively with their colleagues. With thousands of apps integration, Slack’s functionality is customizable without sacrificing functionality. You can share files with your mobile app, or connect cloud storage with Slack to share files. It would be enough for remote teams to communicate with long-term clientele, although the free plan isn’t competitively priced (see the alternative Slack plans). Slaacks. Price:


Here’s something we think we’ve mentioned before. Zoom. Zoom offers web conferences for up to 250 users simultaneously. It allows simultaneous conferencing of several people. Zoom offers 4 pricing categories – Basic Pro, Business and Enterprise. You may choose the best model for your business according to the number of sites you will host and the cloud storage required.


GoToMeeting is an online meeting application for the user to conduct meetings via audio, video or screen share. GoTomeeting provides free and paid premium accounts. Free versions have basic functionality including schedulers, dialers and recordings. Those who need additional features may have to upgrade to paid accounts.

Google Meetup

Meet is a videoconference solution for Google which lets you connect with other users on the Internet with little or no additional programs. Open the Browser and select “Select” if you need more information. If you connect, you can speak directly to each other, share screens and show slideshows.


Slack is an instant messaging system for teams to communicate with colleagues in an online environment. Slack integrates with your existing workflow, ensuring no additional learning. This tool can also be used to create groups of friends for IM purposes and can also be sent via text or email.


Chanty’s team chat application provides many different methods for keeping in close contact. This tool allows for communication by email, text messages and video calls.


StoryXpress Recorder is an easy to use screen recording app for Google Chrome that allows for recording, editing, sharing and analysis of video content. The main features of StoryXpress Recording. Free plans for recording & sending of videos. Prime plan starts at $10.50 per user per month. Alternative.

Virtual Project Management Tools for Remote Team Members

Project management applications are important when working remotely. Keep track of everything with this tool. It will also make the virtual team more organized and ready for the project’s deadlines, and can also increase effectiveness by avoiding lengthy meetings, blocked emails and delays. Even the best project managers need some help. Tell me the reason? The Project Resources Management and Scheduling tool is totally customizable and can be used to manage virtual management projects – from purely scheduling long-term projects, planning and forecasting, to project portfolio management. Feature:


Monday.com is an online project management and customer relationship management program aimed mainly at remote employees. The software provides the user with task tracking, assigning deadlines and displaying report data. Alternatively, a user has a chance to post comments on other members’ work. Monday.com offers free accounts but requires paying membership if needed to access other services.


Trello is a fully integrated software program that allows for collaboration between projects through creation of boards or adding cards. Trello is divided in two parts, namely cards and the board. The boards are like folders where you can put cards. These cards represent the necessary work. Trello uses a checklist tool for your tasks and helps keep track of your progress in the future.


Asana resembles the same Mondays.com site. Asana is used for managing project activities and for collaboration among other people. With this tool, you can make list assignments with your teammates and receive feedback from your team and across your organisation.


The Click Up tool will make scheduling meetings easy by giving you invitations to attendees. It is also possible to create your own agenda.

Time tracking tools and employee monitoring apps

Certain tasks require monitoring the total duration of your tasks. There are programs that can assist with that. I’m better informed than guessing! Tell me the problem. Consider it an effective prevention tool for the entire staff.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor helps you and others stay organized. Improving accountability and productivity. Reduce time-wasting distractions and improve productivity in the company. It includes time tracking software with attendance break times and time spent on work hours spent. Robust integration with other software allows you to connect your team to any platform.


Time tracking tool that has a generous free plan.

Challenges of virtual communication among team members

Employees are More Distracted

If you’re working at work you don’t want your phone to distract you. There are plenty of opportunities here. The plumber rang out his doorbell and was twaddling his laundry, and there are a few hungry kids screaming for your attention.

Harder to understand body language

Does e-mail or phone communications make a huge difference to lack of contact with people? You might be able to organize video calls and conferences on-site but the language of people can be difficult to understand.

Lack of company culture

Every day working together in the office helps build ties with all of your staff. Remote work exacerbates the difficulty of establishing ties. There’s no daily interaction which results in lack of social bonds.

Difficulty in managing conflicts

Conflict resolution happens naturally in the presence of physical presence. If you work remotely, it is easier to avoid conflicts. Conflict goes unsolved and eventually becomes toxic.

FAQ – Virtual Teams

What is virtual communication?

Virtual communication are online forms of communication where people do not physically exist simultaneously. It’s possible to do the same with any technology. Business communication is crucial to every organisation. You can also help your customers and partners. The system helps employees learn about themselves more quickly and effectively. Improved productivity will increase efficiency and productivity. Can anyone give me something more than that? Typically people work from home. Those who do this often work in coffee shops.

How to deal with poor Wi-Fi connection?

Even if you have everything that is necessary for effective virtual communication, you have one major issue in mind: Wi-Fi. The connectivity of WiFi devices in various countries is extremely different. When your employees work in different countries, you will definitely need to get a high-speed internet connection to stay connected! . Virtual teams will remain. These are growing in popularity especially among the small firms looking for reduced office space. It’s important for companies to adapt to such changes in virtual team operations and find effective solutions.

How to deal with different time zones?

Communicating in a workplace is straightforward. Remote office poses an important issue that can be even greater if the team member doesnt even live in the same time zone. You have a good communication system in place, so everyone stays updated.

Why is virtual communication important?

Virtual communication allows for easy communication between vendors that can often be thousands of miles from your home. Good team communication is critical for improving productivity in the workplace.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of virtual communication?

Advantages & Disadvantages of Online Teaming.

What is the best way to manage virtual teams?

What are some ways to manage a virtual team? Give flexibility to working hours. Start Virtual Team Training. Create an atmosphere of reward. Organise meetings based upon various time zones. Tell me the progress. Utilize communication techniques. Using Management tools.

What is a good virtual team management tool for scheduling meetings?

Calendly is often considered a most popular virtual team management system and a great way to track team members. Asana makes collaboration easy. You can contact remote workers and make certain that you meet deadlines quickly and easily.

How do you do team building virtually?

This is a simple rule. Write 30 words on your whiteboard. Ask your group to record every word they remember within 30 seconds. Divide the group. Ask everyone for more words and share what they found.

What team building activities can you do virtually?

We’ve collected 14 non-yawn-inducing activities to use to build teams. . Sing the Hearts on Karaoke. … Have a virtual search for clues. .. Developing creative thinking through improvisation. … Hosted online Olympic Olympics. … Employee Virtual Wellbeing Session. Send karaoke songs with a ringing heart. The ‘B’ is a syllogism. Host an online Scavenger hunt. … Exercise creative thinking through an online improvisational session. … Host Internet Olympics. ” Virtual wellness programs for employees.

Which is the best digital whiteboard?

List some of the most effective whiteboard templates. How to make ideas work. Stormboard to create multiple whiteboards at once. MURAL for large remote teams meeting. Limu is used by students in remote schools. InVision is freeware for annotation and sharing designs within teams. Miro turns ideas into action. Stormboard to create multiple white boards at the same time. MORAL for large teams meeting at home. LINNU aims to educate students from remote places. Freehand in InVision for annotation designs.