15 Super Quick Tips For Onboarding Remote Employees In 2022

  1. Onboarding is not just a process. It’s an attitude.
  2. Organize a virtual celebration for new employees to welcome them into the organization and the team.
  3. Be flexible with your onboarding process to accommodate your employee’s schedules and needs, especially if they are remote workers.
  4. Give new hires a clear understanding of the organization’s culture and values as soon as possible so that they can be successful from day one at their new job!
  5. Make sure to provide your remote employees with all necessary tools and resources prior to their first day of work, including company intranet, local office address & phone number, company website, etc.
  6. Make sure your remote employees have easy access to the local office and their direct manager.
  7. Have regular virtual check-ins with your remote employees to ensure that they are on track for success, and to provide them with feedback on how they are doing!
  8. Have a clear onboarding process that outlines the steps new hires need to take in order to be successful in their roles at the organization!
  9. Make sure that all new hires have an opportunity to (virtually) meet with other team members prior to their first day of work so they feel more comfortable and confident when they start!
  10. Make sure that your remote employees know who they should go to if they have questions or concerns, and that they feel comfortable reaching out to whomever they need to!
  11. Make sure your remote employees feel that they are part of the team and that they have an opportunity to get to know their other coworkers!
  12. If your remote employees do not have a direct manager, make sure that you are accessible and available for them whenever needed.
  13. Make sure that your remote employees know how much you value them as a member of your team!
  14. Have regular check-ins with your remote employees to ensure that they are staying productive and efficient throughout the workday!
  15. Make sure you have an open-door policy so that your remote employees feel comfortable approaching you if there are conflicts or misunderstandings.

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